Hunter On the Issues that Matter to You

Todd Hunter is a problem solver. He’s never let political labels or partisan bickering stop him from doing what is best for our area. Todd Hunter has worked with Democrats and Republicans on the most important issues facing our state; public education, tort reform and economic development.

Todd knows the only way to solve our current problems is not with partisan rhetoric, but with hard work, common sense and real leadership.

Health Care

Supports reforms to make insurance and health care more affordable for District 32 families.


Opposes efforts to increase taxes on hard working Texans.


Supports school accountability and innovative solutions to expand opportunities in public education and higher education.

Business & Economy

Supports a strong business climate to help produce jobs, a better economy and a better way of life for Texas families.


Supports making our border mores secure to protect Texans from increased drug trafficking and terrorists.


Supports anti-crime initiatives that will protect Texans and increase the ability of local law enforcement officers to do their jobs.