Call 211 In Advance To Reserve Your Ride to Safety

Should I register for the Transportation Assistance Registry?

2-1-1 is answered 24hrs a day, never “turned off” or shuts down. Calls are routed throughout the statewide system in times of disaster so next available specialist answers call.

* Ask yourself what resources you rely on regularly and determine how a hurricane, electric power outages, lack of air conditioning or refrigeration might affect your access and ability to use them.

* Do you depend on accessible transportation to get to school, work, medical, appointments or to other places in your community?

* Do you receive medical treatments (e.g. dialysis) or self-administer treatments such as glucose testing and insulin shots on a regular basis? Do your medications need refrigeration?

* Do you need assistance with personal care?

* Do you rely on equipment depending electricity or other special medical equipment?

* Do you use mobility or daily living aids such as a walker, cane, wheelchair, scooter, bath safety or other bathroom products, dressing aids, drinking straws, etc.?

* If you have a service animal, do you know the plans in your city and state regarding service animals? Do you know what you will need to bring with your service animal such as food and feeding bowls, identification tags, veterinary contact information, proof of up-to-date vaccinations.

Registry is closed at some point during the storm planning process dependent upon SOC decision, and then 2-1-1 changes response to providing information such as evacuation routes; shelter locations; capturing emerging needs; and post-storm resources.

When in doubt, call 2-1-1 and register. Speak to a call specialist today about your needs in the event of a hurricane evacuation for your county.

Dial 2-1-1; Press option for language selection 1- English, 2- for Spanish, 3-Other languages (*Current choices are French, German, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Farsi) or 4 for TTY.
Next, select Service Selection- press Option #4 for Transportation Assistance Registry. Time to register may vary 5-7 minutes.