Windstorm Reform

Governor Calls Todd Hunter “Hero” of Windstorm Reform

Governor Rick Perry signed historic windstorm reform legislation in Corpus Christi in June, calling District 32 State Representative Todd Hunter the hero of windstorm reform and saying that without the reforms led by Hunter and other legislators the state could have “very well gone bankrupt.”

“There is one reason that the people of the state of Texas are protected now from bankruptcy and that’s because of this windstorm insurance legislation that just passed,” Perry told over 500 cheering coastal residents. “If we hadn’t gotten it done too many Texans would have lost the means to protect their homes and their businesses.”

Perry, recuperating from a bicycling accident and surrounded by state legislators and local officials, said he wanted “to take a special moment to say thank you to a guy who kept the ball rolling – Todd Hunter.”

Residents from all four counties in District 32 – Aransas, Calhoun, San Patricio and Nueces – attended the event in Corpus Christi.

“Every day he moved it back into the forefront even when the wheels had come off he put them back on. He cobbled a bill. He got it passed,”Perry said of Hunter. “I was proud to sign it and it’s a great day for Texas, not only for those Texans who don’t live on the coast, but obviously those that live here who rely upon those insurance companies, who now know they can come to state of Texas… make that insurance available and make it affordable.”

Hunter, who chairs the House Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee, is also a member of the House Insurance Committee and was named to the 10–person joint conference committee that hammered out the windstorm reform measures in the legislature.

“It was an economic issue, it was a family issue, and by gosh it has been a personal issue!”Hunter told the crowd.

Hunter was instrumental in the passage of the bill but also was at the forefront of keeping bad legislation from passing the legislature that would have been punitive to coastal residents and businesses. The bill signed by the governor will make the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association fiscally sound without punitive rate increases.