Todd Hunter On the Issues that Matter to You

State Rep. Todd Hunter is a problem solver. He’s never let political labels stop him from doing what is best for our area. Rep. Hunter works with Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians on the most important issues facing our state – public education, windstorm reform, suicide prevention, human trafficking prevention, and economic development.

Domestic Violence Prevention

Work with families, support groups and law enforcement to promote domestic violence prevention and education.

    • Strengthening laws to protect victims of domestic violence
    • Provide education & resources to help domestic violence from occurring.
    • Develop protocols for law enforcement who respond to domestic violence.

Suicide Prevention

Work with families, parents, students, and veterans to promote suicide prevention and education.

    • Assimilate and gather information for databases to help assist in suicide prevention.
    • Coordinate communications with groups to develop effective suicide prevention and education concepts.
    • Look at helpful tools like counseling and help campaigns.

Crime & Human Trafficking

We must recognize officers are risking their safety to make our communities safer, and we must increase our support for law enforcement as they fight human trafficking and drug smuggling.

    • Strong support for victims and their families in human trafficking prevention and education.
    • Increase support for local law enforcement.
    • Strengthen penalties for targeted crimes against peace officers and increase penalties for human traffickers.

Windstorm Insurance

Windstorm insurance affordability and fairness are important to the Coastal Bend. High rates and low coverage impacts our area. It is important that our region can afford windstorm insurance, and our state government must make sure it is protected and treated fairly.

The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA)was created as an insurer of last resort for Coastal residents and businesses who cannot obtain insurance otherwise. TWIA needs to be fair and more attentive to the needs of the Texas Coast. TWIA should be helping the Coastal Bend, not raising insurance rates.

    • Keep windstorm insurance affordable.
    • Protect access to windstorm insurance for businesses and homeowners.
    • Support coastal windstorm proposals that are fair and affordable and review alternatives like a statewide catastrophe plan for the entire state.

Taxes & Spending

Texas needs to reverse the trend of skyrocketing property taxes.  Texans need transparency in spending, and to be accountable for your tax dollars and promote frugal governance.

    • Rein in skyrocketing property taxes.
    • Full transparency in government budgeting and spending.
    • Oppose any effort to create a statewide income tax.
    • Reduce the cost of government so taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned dollars.

Economic Opportunity

Texas’ great business climate produces jobs and a strong economy. Let’s keep doing the things that attract and keep business in Texas – low taxes, fair justice, and predictable regulation.

    • Create opportunity through job training
    • Keep taxes low.
    • Create jobs and foster economic growth.

Public Education

Texas needs public schools that prepare each generation for the jobs of the future. Texas will continue to thrive and grow if we emphasize public education spending that produces better students and attracts the best teachers.

    • Attract and retain the best teachers.
    • Reduce public school spending on administrative costs.
    • Educate and train students for the jobs of the future.

Travel & Tourism

Develop and Promote Travel and Tourism for Coastal Communities and the State of Texas.

    • Promote oyster mariculture for Texas.
    • Promote the music industry and its benefits in Texas.
    • Promote cruise ship development for the Coastal Bend.