• July 16, 2010

Texas Right to Life Endorses Todd Hunter

Texas Right to Life Endorses Todd Hunter

Texas Right to Life Endorses Todd Hunter 150 150 Elect Todd Hunter

July 16, 2010

The Honorable Todd A. Hunter
445 Cape Henry Drive
Corpus Christi, TX 78412-2633

Dear Representative Hunter:

Thank you for your votes and your commitment to protect the sanctity of innocent human life while serving the people of Texas.  Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee endorses strong leaders who possess a high moral character and an unyielding resolve to protect innocent human life. You meet our criteria.

Please be advised that Texas Right to Life PAC is endorsing your candidacy for the 2010 election cycle. Our decision to do so is based on the following factors:

  • We have a candidate questionnaire on file for you from a recent election cycle.
  • You recently submitted our abbreviated questionnaire on End-of-Life issues with satisfactory answers.
  • Most importantly, your voting record on the Right to Life issues is outstanding. As long as your voting record and score remain Pro-Life, we will not ask you to undergo the endorsement process again as an incumbent seeking re-election for the same office.

Be sure to contact me if you need additional information. In the meantime, fell free to list Texas Right to Life PAC on all your campaign materials should you find our endorsement beneficial.

Thank you again for standing with Texas Right to Life in defense of innocent human life.

Elizabeth Graham