• April 18, 2012

TMPA Endorses Todd Hunter

TMPA Endorses Todd Hunter

TMPA Endorses Todd Hunter 150 150 Elect Todd Hunter

TMPA Endorses Todd Hunter

The Texas Municipal Police Association, (TMPA), the state’s largest law enforcement association, today announced their endorsement of State Representative Todd Hunter, (R-Corpus Christi) in his bid for re-election to the Texas House of Representatives.

Kevin Lawrence, Executive Director of TMPA says that during Rep. Hunter’s tenure in the Texas House of Representatives he has distinguished himself as a crime fighter and has won the support of law enforcement officers across the state.

“Representative Todd Hunter has served the citizens of our state in the Texas House of Representatives with honor and distinction.” Lawrence said. “As Chairman of the powerful Calendars Committee he has been a strong voice for law enforcement in the Texas Legislature, a staunch defender of the Constitution and as tough as nails on crime.”

Lawrence says that the over 18,000 law enforcement officers and first responders who are members of TMPA appreciate Todd Hunter’s hard work, courage and dedication in giving law enforcement officers the tools they need in order to take criminals off the streets and to keep them off .”

“Many legislators talk a good game when it comes to being tough on crime.”  Lawrence said. “Todd Hunter has stood in the trenches of political warfare and won many battles for law enforcement officers in Texas.”

Lawrence also praised Hunter for his support of the human trafficking training program for law enforcement officers. The program has helped train officers to locate and apprehend scores of criminals attempting to smuggle their human cargo into and through Texas.  “This specialized training has helped officers stay one step ahead of the human traffickers and all at no additional costs to taxpayers.”

Hunter said. “This is the perfect example of how public and private sector professionals should work together for the greater good.”

“We need to keep Todd Hunter’s tough on crime attitude, dedication and staunch defense of the constitution working for us in the Texas Legislature.” Lawrence said. “Therefore it is without hesitation that we whole-heartedly support him in his re-election to the Texas House.”

Hunter said he was “incredibly grateful and proud to have the support of such a courageous group of men and women.”

“Law enforcement officers are Texas’ first line of defense against increasingly dangerous crimes and situations.” Hunter said. “Texans depend on law enforcement every day for help and support, and I am honored that the TMPA supports my re-election to the Texas House of Representatives.”

Since 1950 TMPA has fought to give all law enforcement officers in Texas the tools that they need to keep criminals off the streets. For the past 60 years the group has worked with Judges, prosecutors and lawmakers as the voice for law enforcement in Texas. TMPA also provides training programs to police across the state, at no cost to the officers.