• December 6, 2010



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The following is a collection of news and notes from your State Capitol involving opportunities that affect House District 32.

Comptroller Susan Combs Announces Start Date for New Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program

Once again the State of Texas is providing Texans who want to save money on ENERGY STAR® appliances with an opportunity to apply for mail-in rebates on those purchases through the Texas Appliance Mail-In Rebate Program. It has been announced that the purchase period for the Program will start on Dec. 20 and will remain open until all funds are distributed. Approximately $10 million is available for the program.

Rebate forms will be available for consumers to download and print closer to the start of the purchase period on Dec. 20. The state is also working with retailers to make the forms available at stores at that time. Both the purchase receipt and the postmark on the envelope submitting the rebate application must be dated on or after Dec. 20, 2010. It is important to remember that the mail-in rebate applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis which will be based on the postmark on the rebate application envelope.

Consumers who buy an ENERGY STAR® appliance must replace and dispose of an old appliance of the same type to be eligible for a rebate. An additional $75 rebate will be available for recycling the old appliance. Proof of disposal or recycling will be required, and details will be provided on the rebate application form.

For those wishing to take advantage of the appliance rebate program, you can go to www.TexasPowerfulSmart.org for additional information regarding which appliances are involved as well as details regarding the programs rules and qualifying information.


This December marks the 19th anniversary of the Wreaths Across America Program which was started in 1992 with the donation and laying of 5000 Christmas wreaths in the Arlington National Cemetery by Morrill Worcester. Though the program initially started as the Arlington Wreath Program, recent years have seen it cultivate into a nationwide project.

This year the program has set a goal of providing wreaths to over 425 veterans cemeteries across the United States. The goal of 425 veteran cemeteries represents nearly a 50% increase from the 300 cemeteries which received wreaths in 2008. Of those 300 cemeteries, more than 100,000 wreaths were placed on gravestones and included the assistance of over 60,000 volunteers. The wreath laying officially takes place on the second Saturday in December, which this year falls on the 11th.
An extremely important part of Wreaths Across America project is to reach out to kids across the country each year and to stress the importance of “Remembering, Honoring and Teaching” about the fallen servicemen and women who have served their country so faithfully. Through their webpage, Wreaths Across America provides a number of educational programs directed at middle school students. One of the programs is the Million Memories Project which seeks to preserve the memory of veterans as a way to remember their lives and teach future generations the value and cost of the freedoms that they enjoy. Additional information about the Wreaths Across America Project or their educational programs can be found a www.wreathsacrossamerica.org.
If you have any questions regarding the Texas Appliance Mail-In Rebate Program or the Wreaths Across America Project please don’t hesitate to contact either my Capitol or District office. My offices are available at any time to assist with questions, concerns or comments (Capitol Office, 512-463-0672; District Office, 361-949-4603).