• November 10, 2015

November Is Designated As American Diabetes Month

November Is Designated As American Diabetes Month

November Is Designated As American Diabetes Month 150 150 Elect Todd Hunter

November Is Designated As American Diabetes Month

November marks the start of American Diabetes Month. This is a nationwide initiative that works to help educate the public about symptoms and to identify key early warning signs of the disease. I hope that through this article, we can continue to find ways of bringing awareness to causes like this one. The American Diabetes Association initiates its annual campaign to work to bridge the gap between this health issue and providing the public understanding of it. Campaigns such as this will hopefully help people better understand diabetes and its implications, as well as detect the various symptoms of this disease.


While there are around 29 million Americans who have diabetes, about 86 million people over the age of 20 have pre-diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association’s Corpus Christi office, about 86,000 people will fight both pre-diabetes and diabetes every day in the Coastal Bend. Many people are not aware that diabetes actually can be a manageable or even preventable disease. In those individuals who have pre-diabetes, their blood glucose levels are heightened, but not necessarily at a high enough level to be considered fully stricken with diabetes. There are some steps that can be taken in order to help try and lower these glucose levels to delay or even potentially prevent a diabetes diagnosis. These steps include getting around thirty minutes of moderate exercise a day for five days out of the week, reducing overall caloric intake, and eating less fatty foods. Also, these new habits can result in weight loss. Shedding weight has generally proven to help in lowering diabetes risks, according to the Diabetes Prevention Program and Outcomes Study that was conducted by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

This year’s theme for American Diabetes Month is “Eat Well America,” which is designed to help people try and combat this disease through better and more creative eating habits, as well as inspiring them to become more active. Each week in the month of November, there is a theme that seeks to target a specific aspect of combating the disease. There are tips on how to modify recipes into diabetes-friendly meals, different ways to exercise and be active, as well as learning more facts on the disease. You can follow the calendar by visiting Diabetes Forecast.

If you would like to learn more about American Diabetes Month or find out some of the early warning signs and symptoms, some helpful websites include the American Diabetes Association, or the Texas Department of State Health Servicesor the National Diabetes Education Program.

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– State Representative Todd Hunter, District 32

Rep. Hunter represents Nueces County (Part). He can be contacted at todd.hunter@house.state.tx.us or at 512-463-0672.