• January 9, 2012

NRA Endorses a Hunter – Chairman Hunter

NRA Endorses a Hunter – Chairman Hunter

150 150 Elect Todd Hunter

Monday, January 9, 2012

NRA Endorses A Hunter – Chairman Hunter

Corpus Christi, TX –The National Rifle Association of America gave Representative Todd Hunter, Chairman of the House Calendars Committee, an A+ rating and endorsed him for State Representative for Texas House District 32. The endorsement was based on Chairman Hunter’s strong record of leadership on Second Amendment issues.

“The Right to Bear Arms is one that I – along with a majority of Texans – hold near and dear,” Chairman Hunter said. “This is a significant endorsement, and I am grateful. I will continue to do everything I can to continue being a leader in the area, to protect our rights and to earn this honor.”

Chairman Hunter is a long time supporter of the second amendment and hunting, and has been endorsed by the NRA in prior years. He is running for re-election in District 32. He has already won six terms as the state representative for the district.